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How we do it

Spirit North operates free of charge in communities, offering outreach program delivery to Indigenous youth of all ages and abilities. While our program focuses on providing sport and activity as a fundamental element of health and well-being, we also assist communities in building ski clubs, trail development, coaching certification, equipment ownership, and mentorship to foster community-owned and led programming.


Delivering regular outreach programming to students in their own communities and schools, Spirit North uses a collaborative play-based approach to engage children in sport and activity. Our programs are designed to be active, inclusive and participation-focused as they build and develop skills that can be transferred back into the classroom and the community.


Recognizing that the most successful programs are community-led and owned, Spirit North works diligently to guide and assist communities in transitioning from introductory program delivery to community-led sustainable programming.


We understand that in order to create positive change in a community, it’s essential to create the desire for lifelong well-being from within each individual. More than just time on skis, our holistic approach includes information and resources on such important topics as mental health, good nutrition, land-based activity and physical literacy.

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Truth and Reconciliation

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